Azania Way Culture

Preserving the Musical Heritage of Peoples in Cameroun and Central Africa



Our goal is to preserve the musical heritage of Central Africa in general and of Cameroon in particular.
Created and managed by Artist Eric Nelson EFA, the organization has dedicated itself to bringing this musical heritage back to life through:
★ Production of CDs and DVDs, including documentaries about music and results of research conducted in villages.
★ Conservation of digital files in Cultural Centers, Town halls and Museums
★ Planning of conferences and exhibitions about its products throughout the world at cultural institutions, universities and festivals. 




Praised as "Africa in miniature", Cameroon has more than 240 tribes. Each ethnic group has its own musical culture, origin and differences. However these different cultures are dying out due to a lack of heritage preservation. In this context we found it necessary to set up a way to protect these musical genres which, for the most part, have not been transcribed or have remained a myth, unrecognized by today’s music industry and youth, both in Cameroon and throughout the world.
Therefore, Azania’s mission is to travel across villages with a light audio/ video production team to record pieces of music which will then be archived, produced and published.

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